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  • Christina (the midwife) was a major disappointment for us. She was extremely & unjustifiably superior. She was critical about my diet without any constructive elements (such as dietary guidance, or at least a qualifying statement explaining exactly why cheerios for breakfast is so unimaginably horrible). I overheard mean-spirited gossip pouring forth from her to her staff & associates, & later (after my delivery) was hurt to hear what she REALLY thought about me. She also made up statistics to validate her personal beliefs, but when asked to produce the scientific studies she was quoting, became obstinate & then implied that perhaps I shouldn't be having children. I find her behavior entirely unprofessional, not to mention deeply unpleasant. I would never expose myself to such a negative element during a pregnancy again. And I hope this review won't be deleted, as I think people with bad experiences have as much right to share as those with good. Thank you, & please do research
  • Julia

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Birthways Family Birth Center , Sarasota

Midwifery care providing complete prenatal, labor, birth, and postpartum care in your home or at our birth center. Serving & honoring families in Sarasota and surrounding counties. Insurance & Medicaid Accepted.

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